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RSA 2024 Revealed Strategic Insights from senhasegura


RSA 2024 Revealed - Strategic Insights from senhasegura

Join us for an exclusive webinar where senhasegura's top cybersecurity experts bring you invaluable insights fresh from RSA Conference 2024

This session will delve into the latest trends, innovations, and strategies discussed at one of the world's premier cybersecurity events.

Our seasoned panel will dissect key topics including advanced threat protection, the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, regulatory compliance, and the future of cybersecurity technologies. They'll offer practical advice on applying these insights to effectively safeguard your organization.

Whether you're a cybersecurity pro looking to stay ahead, a business leader aiming to bolster your organization's defenses, or simply curious about the future of infosec, this webinar will arm you with the knowledge and strategies essential in today's rapidly evolving cyber landscape.

Don't miss this chance to learn directly from RSA 2024 veterans and participate in a session where you can get answers to your most pressing cybersecurity questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the latest cybersecurity trends and innovations;
  • Strategies for enhancing your organization’s cyber resilience;
  • Insights into the future of cybersecurity and how to prepare.

Who Should Attend?

  • IT and Cybersecurity Professionals;
  • C-Level Executives Focused on Enhancing Digital Security;
  • Technology Enthusiasts.

Meet the Experts:


David Muniz
David Muniz 
Cybersecurity Researcher at senhasegura
Filipi Pires
Filipi Pires
Cybersecurity Researcher at senhasegura
Eric Belardo
Eric Belardo
CTO at Dell Technologies