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senhasegura vs. BeyondTrust

This comprehensive report allows you to compare and evaluate PAM vendors using unbiased, real user data, giving you the confidence you need in your choices. We’re confident you’ll see how senhasegura stands out as a trusted industry leader.

What Sets senhasegura Apart


7 Minute Deployment

senhasegura offers lightning-fast deployment, reducing TTV (Time to Value) up to 90% compared to BeyondTrust. Our entire solution can be implemented and ready to use in as little as 7 minutes. 

Your time is important to us. Our streamlined setup ensures your organization is protected without the hassle of a long implementation. New modules can be launched quickly and easily, offering maximum scalability.

Top-Tier Support

senhasegura is a company who cares. We value your trust. We pride ourselves in our commitment to agility, results and client satisfaction, and our reviews speak for themselves. Our customers give us the highest rating of 5.0 on Gartner Peer Insights and 98% Willingness to Recommend.

SoftwareReviews 2023 Data Quadrant shows senhasegura as a clear outlier in customer satisfaction with the top composite score of 9.4, compared to BeyondTrust’s score of 8.7. Customer experience is our number one priority.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

senhasegura’s cost-efficient solutions can highly optimize your cybersecurity budget.

Our unique full-stack architecture delivers up to 70% less TCO than BeyondTrust. While our main competitors need 64 servers for deployment in a High Availability and Disaster Recovery environment, senhasegura only requires 6, a reduction of more than 90%. This greatly reduces not only deployment and maintenance costs, but also time and stress. You deserve a solution that works for you.

Feature Comparison: senhasegura vs. BeyondTrust

See how these top PAM tools compare head-to-head on features, with percentages based on actual customer reviews.

This report has been produced by SoftwareReviews based on select data from the June 2023 Data Quadrant Award.

No other PAM compares to senhasegura. See why:

senhasegura is the only PAM solution available on the market that covers the entire privileged access lifecycle:

✓ identity management ✓ privileged access management  ✓ privileged access management
✓ auditing of all activities carried out in the privileged session

Switching to senhasegura is Easy

Ready to make the switch? Experience senhasegura’s seamless transition process in just 7 minutes.  Schedule a demo to see the solution in action.

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What Our Costumers Say


Hear from our satisfied customers who deeply trust senhasegura to safeguard their privileged access. These leaders love our quick and easy deployment times, success rates, and top-of-the-line customer service. Read their success stories and discover why they continue to choose our solution:

senhasegura, unlike other solutions I have worked with, has a very intuitive and simple interface to operate on a daily basis, making the process of adding new credentials and fixing problems faster and more assertive. What impresses me most about the solution is how easy it to create and configure new connections to servers, whatever they may be. I also need to emphasize here the nimbleness in the support provided by Projects’ and Support’s team whenever we contacted them, which means that we always have an exceptional SLA service.”

– Telecommunication

senhasegura is a best-in-class product in the PAM market. At the same time, the PAM solution is simple to operate and full of capabilities. We were able to deploy it in a complex environment with 6 datacenters in 3 different countries in a very aggressive period of time. The support offered by the senhasegura team made a total difference in this process and contributed to the success of the project.”

– IT Services

senhasegura was groundbreaking since deployment up to delivery. From friendly-user interfaces that are easy-to-fill-in to the credential and servers register, it has been exceptional. The vault that keeps our password safe safe is another very positive aspect of the solution, because in the cybersecurity area we have different forms of logins and several kinds of passwords. Another aspect that I admired was how the certificate and the validation expire alerts that are sent to the staff are managed easily and usefully, reminding them thai it has to be changed because of the expiration date.”

– Telecommunications

ITRG Gold Medal Winner

senhasegura was named a gold medal winner and top choice by the Info-Tech Research Group in their SoftwareReviews Top Privileged Access Management Software Awards for the year 2023. ITRG’s reports are collected from real end users and analyzed in an exhaustive fashion with extensive data analytics. 

senhasegura’s report, based on real feedback, shows a 99% Likeliness to Recommend and 100% Plan to Renew, along with a Business Value Satisfaction rating of 90%- substantially higher than any other company.

“senhasegura ranks as an outlier and clear leader among all other PAM solutions.” 

This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering superior solutions and exceptional service.

Download ITRG’s Privileged Access Management head-to-head featuring senhasegura vs. BeyondTrust for an in-depth comparison between these cybersecurity companies. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision. No bias, only real customers’ evaluation.


Make the right choice when selecting your PAM solution. Choose senhasegura for quicker deployment, lower Total Cost of Ownership, and top-tier service you can trust.
Ready to experience the power of senhasegura firsthand? Schedule a demo with our experts to see how we can take away the stress of your privileged access management and make it quick, easy, and cost effective.