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5 Critical Questions CISOs should ask about IAM

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Unleash the Power of Identity and Access Management: 5 Critical Questions for CISOs

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Today’s rapidly changing digital landscape demands more than just cybersecurity compliance. It's time to fully integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM) into your security strategy.

Join us this month during Identity Management Day (celebrated on the second Tuesday of April) as we guide you through the crucial role IAM plays in safeguarding your company.

Throughout April, you'll receive weekly insights educating you on IAM fundamentals and its integration into your cybersecurity strategy. Understand your company's maturity and gaps to effectively plan security initiatives, optimizing your cybersecurity stance with Zero Trust principles.

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We've created materials for you based on Gartner's list of 5 Questions CISOs should ask about IAM

Check out how senhasegura answered these questions

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ebook - Strategic IAM implementation: enhancing security with PAM

3rd week

Infographic Maximizing Security and Value: Key Strategies for IAM Success and a Real-World Success Story

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5th week


Celebrate Identity Management Month by fortifying your security with an identity-centric approach.