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Defend your company’s information from the most dangerous cyber threat with our expert eBook

Learn more about how credential theft happens and shield your company with our latest technology


Cyber criminality is on the rise, according to the latest Data Breach Investigations Report. Nowadays, these kinds of attacks extend beyond password pilfering. They can exploit any kind of credential, even tokens, digital certificates, and more. 

Learn all about credential theft and what to do to prevent it based on empirical knowledge with senhasegura’s comprehensive guide.

Sneak Peak:
  • The types of credentials that can be stolen;
  • Common and advanced techniques of credential theft;
  • The economic costs of credential theft;
  • Real world cases: a glimpse into real stories of credential theft;
  • How to prevent and mitigate credential theft using the senhasegura Privileged Access Management solution.

Protect your company’s critical information today with our Comprehensive Guide to Credential Theft!

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