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 Introducing senhasegura Database Proxy

Advanced Database Security: Ultimate Protection for Privileged Access


Get ready for an immersion in the revolutionary Database Proxy functionality of senhasegura!

Are you a cybersecurity enthusiast eagerly searching for innovative ways to shield your most precious data? If so, our masterclass is designed just for you.

The senhasegura Database Proxy goes beyond traditional database management. With advanced PAM (Privileged Access Management) capabilities, you can now ensure the security of database operations easily and effectively.

Dive deep into the cutting-edge functionality of senhasegura's Database Proxy at our live event!

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Key Features

Audit trail

Every operation conducted via the Database Proxy is meticulously logged for auditing, ensuring a transparent and detailed overview of your database activities;

Command Filtering

Intercept queries and trigger specified actions based on commands, significantly boosting your control and security measures;

Real-Time Alerts

Receive instant notifications about high-risk events, empowering administrators to respond quickly and effectively;

Seamless Integrations

Fully compatible with SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle, senhasegura's Database Proxy aligns perfectly with major database systems.

Exclusive Advantages

No Extra Costs

Gain access to the Database Proxy feature included in our plans, with no additional fees;

Simple Installation

Forget complex setups with local agents; just configure and begin safeguarding your data;

Granular Filters

Maintain precise control over access to resources, tailored by user, device, and command;

Risk Assessment

Continually evaluate risks through audited commands to support informed security decisions.

Join us for this exclusive masterclass and learn how senhasegura's Database Proxy can elevate your database security to unprecedented levels.

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Meet the Experts:


Filipi Pires
Threat Researcher & Cybersecurity Advocate at senhasegura
Diego Santos
Head of Product Ops & Strategy
at senhasegura
Joana Loureiro
Software Development Analyst
at senhasegura

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